Netgear router installation

Netgear Router Installation is one of the leading networking device manufacturers in the world. Netgear delivers some of the most technically advanced wireless routers, modems, and other networking devices. The Netgear routers need to be configured before being put to use in the network.

The users can configure and set up their wireless routers easily through the web domain This web domain is automatically addressed at the default IP address of the router i.e. or If the access to the router setup portal is denied through the web address, then they can try to access the router dashboard through its IP address.

Netgear D6220-100Uks AC1200

The Netgear D6220 AC1200 wireless router is one of its kind routers developed by Netgear. The combined Wi-Fi speed on both of its frequency bands is over 1 Gbps. The five highspeed Gigabit Ethernet ports render a lightning fast speed over the wired network as well. This Netgear router comes with two wireless radio antennas and a modem embedded in it. Therefore, the users don’t need to purchase a separate modem for the internet connection.

Connecting the Netgear D6220 router through WPS button

The WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) method of connection is the quickest way of getting your router connected to the computer device. Here in this section let us show you in a step by step method to connect your router modem to the PC.

  • Open the Netgear D6220 wireless router from its package box and check all the essential supplies with it like the Ethernet cable (RJ45), Power supply adapter, User Manual etc.
  • Connect the power supply adapter to the router and switch on the wall socket.
  • Wait till the lights on the indicator panel of the router get stable.
  • Then, press the WPS button given on the backside of the router.
  • Note- Make sure that the internet and networking section is open in your PC.
  • Once the internet and networking section is open and you have pressed the WPS button of the router, your router and PC will automatically detect the available Wi-Fi systems around the device and get connected to each other in no time.
  • However, the whole configuration needs to be done in order to make the router working.

Advantages of WPS mode of connection

Netgear router installation

  • WPS mode of connection is the fastest and safe method of getting your router connected to the system.
  • The users don’t need to have core knowledge of setting up of the routers.
  • Less time consuming and secure wireless transmission of router data over the network

Disadvantages of WPS mode of connection

There is no disadvantage of WPS method as such but this method is not so widely used as the users usually don’t get synchronized with the pressing of WPS button. Most of the times, the users don’t know about this way of connecting the router or they simply can’t find the option of WPS on their PCs.

What to do if the user forgets the login credentials?

You absolutely don’t need to panic if you have forgotten the login credentials of your router. If you have forgotten the login password, then you will have to opt for resetting the router.

Resetting the Netgear D6220 router

The Netgear wireless routers can be easily reset through one of the two methods i.e.

Reset through the reset button

The easiest way of resetting the router is by pressing the reset button given on the back side or underneath of the router.
Insert a pinpointed object like the paper pin or paper clip in the pinhole and keep the button pressed for at least 5 to 10 seconds till the indicator lights on the router go off and on.
Important – Your router will get a reboot and all the settings on the router will be erased in a few seconds. You will have to configure the router all over again to make its use for the internet and networking.

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